School assignment in Saratoga can be extremely confusing!

There are three elementary schools for Saratoga residents, Saratoga School also known as Oak Street School, Foothill Elementary School, and Blue Hills Elementary.

There is only one middle school within the Saratoga-Los Gatos Union School District and it is Redwood Junior High.

There are five possible high schools assigned to households in Saratoga. However, Saratoga High School is the only school within the Saratoga-Los Gatos Union School District.

Another option for Saratoga residents is the highly rated Lynbrook High School which happens to be part of the Fremont School district. Certain residents may have Monta Vista High School, part of the very highly rated Cupertino school district, as their in home school. The last two high schools that pertain to Saratoga residents are part of the Campbell Union High School District and those schools are Prospect High and Westmont High recently remodeled by

Hopefully this information will help clarify the school situation and ensure that a potential resident does not make the incorrect assumption that if you move to Saratoga you will be guaranteed Saratoga High School which have great features, including a big gym and wooden staging for presentations and more. If you are considering moving or have any questions regarding Saratoga schools then we strongly recommend you call an area real estate expert for clarification. We strongly recommend talking with Wayne Garrahan at Garrahan Family Realtors. They have over 45 years’ experience in Saratoga. Wayne can easily explain any and all information regarding the schools including the relative strengths of each. Wayne graduated from Saratoga High so his knowledge is first hand and relevant as these are great schools which events and shows often, and they use stages from sites like to setup these events.

Great Schools rates Saratoga High, Lynbrook and Monta Vista a perfect 10/10 and rates Prospect and Westmont a very good score of 8/10. One thing to keep in mind is that you can expect to pay more for a home with a perfect 10 rated school than you would for a similar home with Prospect or Westmont as the assigned school.

One interesting statistic we wish to share is that out of the five high schools mentioned, Saratoga High has the highest percentage of students (94%) graduating and meeting all of the UC/CSU entrance requirements.

We can all agree that Saratoga High is one superb school year after year!