Troublesome deceptive trends in real estate

Some realtors have formed little groups, and they put all their transactions under one DRE (Department of Real Estate) number then claim I am the biggest in the area or one of the top 50 agents in the country. In reality, they hire very inexperienced agents and turn them loose on what is likely to be the single most valuable possession you have, does this make sense to you? Getting mediocre results because the agent is a trainee and lacks the training and area knowledge necessary for outstanding results
The Pied Piper of this carnival might introduce himself when you sign the listing contract and when its time to pick up his big check and in between you need to put his face on a milk carton saying have you seen my Big Wheel Agent. As the home seller, I was disappointed to find out I was assigned the newbie who just graduated real estate training class

At Garrahan Family realtors we have the experience that only comes from a 45+ year relationship with the area, advanced degrees in Marketing and Engineering someone who understands the schools because they went to all of them as well as their children

You wouldn’t bring your Ferrari to a jiffy lube for service why would you possibly allow inexperienced helpers to sell your home, Your home deserves the expertise that only 45 years of experience can offer

When an agent starts his relationship with clients somewhat deceptively, the outcome is never good

Instead trust experience, professional acumen, advanced education, and in-depth training

Its all about trust and over 45 years we have earned it, Serving Saratoga with distinction Since 1973 Garrahan Family Realtors

Experience the Difference

Jacks Gopher Service

Saratoga has had a terrible outbreak of lawn and garden destroying gophers; they can also undermine driveways and walkways even your home’s foundation. Gophers can carry many diseases harmful to humans, so its best to never touch one. Traps, wires, water, chewing gum, pet urine, road flares, and gopher bombs are at best marginally effective.

I am a low-cost solution for these pesky critters using the safe, quick and effective Gophermatic X-1000 machine. This machine peacefully and successfully euthanizes these rodents in a very humane way. These machines are routinely used on school grounds, gardens, homes, hospitals, and golf courses. I will treat your home for typically $25 a hole two hole treatment is usually all that is required even if it’s a 200-foot long gopher run.

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