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Jacks Gopher Service

Saratoga has had a terrible outbreak of lawn and garden destroying gophers; they can also undermine driveways and walkways even your home’s foundation. Gophers can carry many diseases harmful to humans, so its best to never touch one. Traps, wires, water, chewing gum, pet urine, road flares, and gopher bombs are at best marginally effective.

I am a low-cost solution for these pesky critters using the safe, quick and effective Gophermatic X-1000 machine. This machine peacefully and successfully euthanizes these rodents in a very humane way. These machines are routinely used on school grounds, gardens, homes, hospitals, and golf courses. I will treat your home for typically $25 a hole two hole treatment is usually all that is required even if it’s a 200-foot long gopher run.

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